Last Stand Kickboxing

Professor Tom’s knowledge comes from a variety of instructors of different disciplines including Grandmaster Melcor Chavez, considered by many to be one of the Best and underrated striking coaches in the world. The effectiveness of this style of kickboxing is evident in the amount of success against world-class opponents throughout the years.

The style of kickboxing practiced by last stand fighters is the result of trial and error forged in the fire of competition both in the cage and in the ring. The last stand striking system does not rely on any one style but is a highly advanced and progressive fighting style utilizing the best techniques from Western boxing, Muai Thai, Dutch style kickboxing and American-style kickboxing. Although it is a work in progress, the main contributors were Justin “Bushido Kid ” Smitley and Professor Tom Theofanopoulos. Justin is considered one of the best strikers in the world with an incredible knack for teaching. He is constantly improving and advancing his technique and is considered by many to be a world-class fighter.