Oakdale Mixed Martial Arts

Our Mission

Our mission at Oakdale Mma is not to produce better fighters but to produce better citizens. 

Oakdale MMA is a big believer in community first. We have given many scholarships to kids in need who cannot afford lessons. We have done many fundraisers which include families in need due to hardship, and illness, and also big organizations which include The Make a wish foundation, St. Jude’s, and toys for tots. We believe that making the difference in people’s lives is what matters most. 

Oakdale MMA was established in 1988 in the town of Oakdale California. It is the longest running martial arts school in Oakdale now teaching third generation students. The original art was Hawaiian kajukenbo and later kickboxing, boxing , Brazilian Jiujitsu, wrestling, Judo, and MMA were added. In 2014, Oakdale MMA was voted “top MMA gym” by Cali Fight Awards and the founder professor Tom Theofanopoulos received a lifetime achievement award. Oakdale MMA has created champions in all areas of the martial arts including junior Olympic competitors in judo, jiujitsu junior world champions, kickboxing champions and professional and amateur MMA champions. 

Deanna Barnes
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My son goes to the toddler course, and it is not only adorable, the kids are taught wisdom too. They are taught when it is appropriate to fight. They’re taught respect for all people, their own right to defend themselves, and how important exercise is. Professor Tom is a rockstar and just an incredible guy with a real gift for teaching and coaching. When you attend, you’re part of the family. Great equipment, impeccable technique, and just an exciting place to train. You won’t be disappointed.
Carlos Moreno
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Top of the line coaching. Great family atmosphere. Definitely a few steps above the others
Paul Antigua
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Great place with kind and friendly people.. highly skilled instructors...
Donald Ebersole
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Great place to learn and train.
Alex Zachariou
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My son loves coming here and has a positive experience. His confidence has increased and he is learning. The owners are such neat people and care. I highly recommend Oakdale MMA.
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