Professor Tom Theofanopoulos

Kajukenbo 9th degree, Grandmaster

Under Gaylord method, KAA.

Brazilian jujitsu black belt 4th degree

Under Grandmaster Flavio Behring.

Judo black belt 3rd degree under sensei Christine Lincoln Penick. 

Started training martial arts in 1976.

Started Oakdale MMA 1988.

In 2014, received Califights lifetime achievement award.

Sensei Christine Penick-Lincoln​

Over 57 Years

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Brown Belt).

10 time national champion.

7 time international champion.

Bronze medalist at the first woman’s world judo championships in 1980 in Madison Square, Garden, NY.

First American woman and also the first African-American woman to ever place in American Judo history.

Brooke Cannedy

Started training Kajukenbo 8 years old.

Achieved student black belt at 16 years old.

Received her 1st degree black belt at 18 years old.

She is currently 22 years old and a 3rd degree black belt.

She teaches kids and adults Kajukenbo.

Blue Belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Justin "Bushido Kid" Smitley

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt- professor

Over 20 years Kickboxing experience

2 time MMA world champion

Gladiator Challenge featherweight champion.

Art of war featherweight champion.

9 amateur MMA fights

20 professional MMA fights

Bellator veteran

Ernesto Rodriguez Black Belt

Ernesto Rodriguez

Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach, Kids & Adults 

BJJ Black Belt

Over 20 years BJJ Experience

Over 16 years Kickboxing Experience

Rolondo Velasco

25 years Wrestling Experience

Over 25 years Kickboxing/Boxing/Muay-thai Experience

Over 20 years Bazilian jiu-jitsu Experience, 2nd Degree Black belt/Proffesor

Over 10 years Judo experience- Black belt shodan, 2009 National Collegiate Champion

Professional record 13-6-1

4 time Pro MMA champion

– Cage Combat Bantamweight Champion

– Palace Fighting Championships, Bantamweight Champion

– Dragon House Bantamweight Champion

– Tachi Palace Fights Bantamweight Champion

Benjamin Martinez

25 years coaching experience in Folkstyle,

Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling.

Men and Women’s High School and Youth.

Lamar Reed

Jr FILA California Freestyle State champion

Jr FILA California Greco State champion

Jr FILA Greco All-American

2x Collegiate All -American for Cal Baptist University

MMA Camo Northern California Champion

Camo California State Champion

Art of War Pro welterweight Champion

13 years wrestling coach experience

IBJJF no-gi world champion

Ryan Davis

Over 17 years Brazilian jiu-jitsu experience

Black belt – professor

Over 10 years Kickboxing Experience

3 years Wrestling Experience

2 years Wrestling Coach

Jerrod Thoni

8 years with Cupertino judo club under sensei Jim Baker

8 years at Oakdale Mma.

Received black belt under sensei Christine Lincoln Penick

Currently Nidan (2nd degree)


Jesus Vega

Head Instructor for our Youth kick boxing program

3 years kick boxing experience under Justin Smitley and Tom Theofanopoulos

5 years wrestling experience

Amateur MMA fighter

Amateur kickboxing competitor